Chapter 88 (Nedlands): The Newest Instalment

Chapter 88 is nestled in the suburbs of Nedlands and a short walk away from the UWA campus. As a student myself, I am loving that I can...

Chapter 88 is nestled in the suburbs of Nedlands and a short walk away from the UWA campus. As a student myself, I am loving that I can now pop into somewhere close by for a delicious foodie treat. The store interior is spacious, with a variety of large and small seating. The dark palette, free of clunky ornamentation, gives the setting a neat and relaxing atmosphere.

Today was my fourth visit and I finally decided to buckle down and do a post on this place. I love to hover towards the couched seating (great lighting!) and have coincidentally been placed at almost the exact same table every time. I really like that the organisation of the menu in the categories of dish size. It's useful for people who know what they feel like and the types of dishes they want to be eating.

My friend and I decided on the following:
Ice mocha, $6.50
Berry Smoothie, $7.50
Potato Rosti, $24
Arborio rice risotto with truffle oil, $26
and of course, their signature tiramisu, $10.50
Unfortunately I cannot locate the menu online anywhere so I will have to go off my terrible memory for the pricing, so keep in mind it is not exact.

Drinks arrived very promptly, very tasty on both accounts. My mocha was how I like it, which is quite intense and bitter. And my friend really enjoyed her beautifully richly coloured smoothie.

My friend really liked the rosti's crispiness. As a potato fanatic, I loved this dish and will definitely be getting it next time! A great variety of ingredients operating on an offering of their small serving dishes.

My pick was the risotto. Slightly less visual appeal than the rest of our picks for the day. It was a very large serving and abundant in cheese and mushrooms (yum!) The dish was an enjoyable blend of flavours. I am usually quite judgemental of pastas and risotto because I have had some seriously traumatic experiences with salty/bland/mushy/hard variations but this dish was nothing of the sort!
I loved it. Very tasty and just the right amount of seasoning. Not only this, but the flavours were varied and I loved the garlic and herbs that pulled the dish together instead of the usual salt. Huge serving that I did not get bored of eating halfway through, and quite possibly the best risotto I've had in a while!

Now moving onto their signature dish, the tiramisu that has plagued my instagram feed ever since everyone and their mothers has latched onto the hype of it.
I've had this before and (I hate repeating this but..) I loved it! It really does not disappoint (but I do remember it being a little more bland this time around- it was still very tasty and worth the price).
It's rich and deep in flavour but also light and fluffy in texture. The sponge layer melts in your mouth and the cushions of cream linger. It packs a bitter and deep punch but lifts you up again as if you're in a whipped cloud full of dreams. It's a seductive kiss that washes over your entire mouth, and then the breath of light air that gives you life right after it.
Before you know it, you've gobbled up the whole thing despite claiming you were so bloody full you could burst only just a few minutes ago. 
You can tell I'm really addicted to this...
UNIVERSE: are you listening? Will I ever love another more?
I think the strength of Chapter 88 is not only the great food, but the unbelievably amazing staff. They are so genuine and lovely, welcoming and fun. In reality I think plenty of places that do amazing food, but I only know one place that has such great staff all around. They make you want to walk in and walk out bloody happy with everything. I cannot possibly fault them for anything in regards to their restaurant. It really goes to show that service can really transform a food experience.
I love this place more because every time I visit them, they are happy and seem like they really love their work. It really makes it all the more enjoyable to visit and support such an establishment.
The dishes are pricier than the food you can find on campus but all within a similar range to the other places I've posted about. And the quality of food is no comparison. I've had breakfast here as well and it is equally as amazing as their lunch offerings. It goes without saying that I really dig Chapter 88 by Ciao Italia. It is somewhere I know I'll be going to eat at over and over into my foreseeable future. My past visits have been fantastic- the staff are absolutely fantastic, the food is great, and the setting is comfortable.
I really do love this place and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Chapter 88 by Ciao Italia
Nedlands/Dalkeith 39/88 Broadway Nedlands, WA 6009
Chapter 88 on Urbanspoon

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