Lush 2014 Round Up

Long time no see eh? Another year is (almost) done and dusted! I knew this blog was piling up some stagnant cyber dust, so I thought, w...

Long time no see eh? Another year is (almost) done and dusted! I knew this blog was piling up some stagnant cyber dust, so I thought, what better time than now to do some long overdue posting!
I decided I would love to share with yall my 2014 Lush extravaganza: a round of of my tried and tested for this year, the year of Lush! This will be a mega post of all the things I've enjoyed and my experience with the products pictured. Be prepared for reviews, swatches, demos, everything you need and more. Is this not one heck of a Lush hullapalooza? 

So let us get right into the 2014 Lush Round Up!

First things first, this is definitely one of Lushes most famous products. I managed to pick one up recently at the 50% off sale, otherwise this baby cost a whooping $29.95 for a little under 250g. Luckily, I have been using this one quite a bit. It has a slightly oaty-floral scent and the texture is a slightly more goopey than the average lotion. Dream Cream is an intensive moisturising lotion that feels replenishing on the skin. I hate to say that I really enjoy this stuff. It's expensive, but it's great. Perfect for dry skin or post shaving legs.
This product doesn't keep your skin soft; it clings on and keeps your skin moist. It doesn't want to let go. There is a slight sticky texture after applying it but I really like it because it really feels like the product is working on my skin, and I'm not just wiping it away to nothing. 
So bonus is that a little goes a long way. Without much thought, I slathered some onto my hand to get a good picture of the consistency. I soon realised that it was a terrifying mistake! I probably need about half of what is pictured to cover my entire body. The rest I spent slipping around lol.
Definitely recommend if you're out for an intensive moisturiser. 

My sister recommended me this product and I've steadily enjoyed its power for quite a while. Admittedly I haven't been using it much lately because I've been reaching for my Clarisonic, which is NOT a good combo with course sea salt and vodka. 
This scrub is great for clearing out my pimples and impurities, perfect for eruptive and oily Summer skin. It's made with absolut and salt, lime and coconuts. It feels quite creamy but there are large and small chunks of salt mixed in. A very strong zesty smell that I find is refreshing as hecckkkaaa.
I feel like this product is combating the bacteria and spreading of it by acting as astringents. The scrub is great for sterilising and drying out active breakouts so they don't spread or erupt. Ocean Salt is another famous Lush product that I've really loved. Definite hit for those who would like some exfoliation. Warning that it can be a little tingly, so probably not the best for broken or sensitive skin. (And reminder, please do not make the mistake of using this if you're using an automated exfoliator device like the Clarisonic or Sonicare in your routine. Your skin will be too raw and having acidic products on it will not be fun.)

This year I picked up  a few newbies to my Lush collection including this sample pot of Lushes Rub Rub Rub (eheh) for $4.95. This hair and body scrub is like a close cousin to the Ocean Salt Scrub. The difference is that it is a very watery formula with fine scrubbing particles. Sweeter smell (slightly citrus-y) and good lather.
I like to use this occasionally when I want something refreshing. Other than that, I usually stick to the shower gels (because I'm lazy). I think this is a decent product that is quite affordable compared to some of the other things they sell at Lush. Better on the body than it is on hair. Great product for if you want to try out Lush but don't know where to start. It's very easy to use and accessible. 

As someone who loves food a little too much for it to be socially acceptable, this lip scrub is heavenscent-holy-buddha-what-is-live level of awesome. This was a gift from my sister but it retails at $9.95. It's basically the answer to my prayers disguised as some super natural products mixed into a scrub in a small lipgloss pot.
I needn't say more because what will sell you? It's edible. And it really tastes like popcorn. And it's delicious. AND IT'S EDIBLE. Go buy it now if you're salivating at the thought. 

I firmly believe that you can't really go wrong with a shower gel. So what draws me into them amongst a sea of extreme moist advertising? The smell of course! Now I know I have an affinity with food, so call me immature, call me silly, but I cannot get enough of these two shower gels by Lush. They both smell divine (in very different ways).
Snow Fairy is a candy sweet, intense bubblegum smell, while So White is a refreshing but soft apple smell with a slight vodka mix. Both shower gels are amazing and the scent lingers forever. Great for those who love to bask in their own scent. Let's be real, who doesn't love smelling themselves when they smell amazing?
I absolutely love using So White as a shampoo. My hair smells amazing and super clean. It contains apple cider, which is great natural alternative to cleaning hair. I think I love the So White a little bit more just because it works wonders on my hair, and the scent is a little more wearable. Snow Fairy is for something special when I'm needing a sweet pick me up. I've gotten compliments when using both though.
A 250g bottle will set you back $16.95. Quite pricey but I think they are very worth it. They do last a while if you use sparingly or on special occasions. For us mere peasants who don't own baths, these shower gels are the only thing we can cling onto to feel special. They are my most used products from Lush!

Herbalism Fresh Cleanser was also picked up recently at the end of year sale, and so far I am enjoying it very much. It's a cleanser targeted at oily skin (checkmate!). At first I was very apprehensive of the product. Inside this seemingly innocuous black pot was a strange dry murky green paste product that seemed all too intimidating at first. It also smells indescribably sour. But don't be scared off, I'm glad I wasn't. This cleanser includes kaolin clay, which I find is amazing for minimising pores and controlling oily skin. I put my faith in Lush and I do not regret it!
I find that clay products are always extremely effective, but they often leave my sensitive skin stinging or dry- utterly unpleasant and uncomfortable for me to use on the regular. I'm so so so glad I found something that I can frequent for them kaolin powers!
Instructions tell you to take a pea sized amount and mix it into a "milk" in your hands. Use it as a normal cleanser after that. The method does take getting used to but it is not as bothersome as it would seem. Very easy to mix in. It's great if you want to control how intense you want the product to be on your face. Really loving this so far and would definitely recommend for oily skin or Summer skin control.

No one really uses soap bars anymore, let's be real. But if you're looking to up your soap game, get this Christmas special before it is gone!
I was given a sample of this when I purchased some thing quite a while back, and I couldn't get enough of it. The soap is a berry smell- not just any berry- but lingonberry. It's buttery soft and the the lingonberry makes you just want to sniff it over and over. Okay. So I have a slight obsession with lingonberry that stems back to my childhood and some very delicious IKEA beverages. So this bar of soap is like destiny for me. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to use it though. I wish I had a grandma to give this to.

I have two things swept up in the sale that I have yet to use but I'm super excited to get into! Though I'm a little freaked out by the fun (main ingredient is corn starch? o_O). Hopefully we'll see what I have to say in my 2015 Round Up!

...aaaaaand that was it! My 2014 Lush round up! *wipes forehead*. That was a long one! Hopefully you found this helpful, and if you made it to the end, I applaud yall patience. Overall I have been pretty happy with my Lush experience this year, and all the products have been generally good. 
I love Lush products and have been big on them this year. I was especially excited with the end of year sale, most products, including their christmas sets are now 50%. Pick the stuff up before it sells out!

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