The Old Crow in Northbridge is a place that knows how to hit all my soft spots. Believe a foodie when she says this is undisputedl...

The Old Crow in Northbridge is a place that knows how to hit all my soft spots. Believe a foodie when she says this is undisputedly the best place she has ever eaten at, because I cannot offer many more adjectives of praise higher than this. This is the second time I've visited The Old Crow, and it has quickly clawed its way into my stone cold heart. 
The staff offer fabulous service, the interior is engaging but not excessive, and the dining areas are intimate, practical and welcoming.
They score top marks on both aspects of ambience and service, but this does not detract from the show-stealer, which is the menu that keeps us coming back for more. Both times that I have been, the food has been exceptional- large serving sizes, good variety and most of all, displaying an utter creativeness that cannot be found anywhere else. We greatly anticipated the challenge of their new seasonal menu, full of unique and exciting flavours The value and experience of coming to The Old Crow is something I have never encountered at any other restaurant.

Our picks:
Fried potatoes, ranch, Cajun salt………$9
Duck parfait, rhubarb, charred bread………$16
Rye smoked salmon, beetroot remoulade………$17
Lamb rump, crispy belly, lentils, cauliflower puree………$32
BBQ pork hock, mash potato, pickled cabbage………$30
New Orleans Nutmeg Pitcher
I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the New Orleans Nutmeg Pitcher before it was down our throats. Elderflower is my weakness, it was so good I cannot describe. Definitely recommend this one hands down!
We went with the fried potato side again (above), this offering was minus the spicy seasoning that was on their summer version. Still absolutely delicious for something so simple. I loved the complimentary bread and the fragrant butter was heavenly.
We also decided to try the duck parfait small plate, served on a wooden platter with toasted bread and rhubarb. The parfait was fragrant, smooth and intense. A Great combination with the crusty charred bread. Definitely a unique experience for me. Although I wasn't entirely used to the flavour, I enjoyed sampling it as a side.

The smoked salmon was another intense dish was stimulated my senses. I'm not a huge fan of salmon (unless it's steamed, yes, I'm boring!) but this dish was also great. I became a fan of the beetroot after nibbling on the cubes. There are several elements to this dish that work in perfect harmony together. The smokiness and intense salted salmon is neutralised by the poached egg and several textures were at play with the beetroot and garnish. All of it melted in the mouth.
The lamb rump was beautiful and pink, with two variations- a simple cooked slice contrasted the battered and crunchy strips. Again, another dish with excellent harmony within the elements. Loved the lentils and sauce in this one!
Now what could top off this plethora of flavours? The GIGANTIC piece of pork hock is what! It came out as the stunning finale to our whimsical journey. There was a unanimous silence as we beheld the beast at our table- a thrilling offering of meat that had been prepared perfectly. Each shred off meat that fell of the bone unmasked soft puffs of smoke that was a tribute to its freshness and delicious flavour (My mouth waters even thinking about it now).
Even the mashed potato was perfectly smooth, without the noticeable presence of a sickening creamy flavour. 
I cannot praise The Old Crow enough. It is the epicentre of where you want to be on an adventure. Anyone who has a palette for unique flavours needs to come here to experience it done right.The dishes are a perfect blend of classics spiced up with exciting flavours. The Old Crow reminds me of why I love food and the magical quality we experience and the reason I continue to have a passion about food. With it's current popularity, the restaurant still delivers and will exceed your expectations beyond any hype.
You know ain't no body had time to be taking proper pictures when the food is so good. I'm not even going to apologise!

The Old Crow
Northbridge 172 Newcastle Street Perth, WA 6000
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