Ootong and Lincoln is a short bus ride from Fremantle's iconic city centre. There's no getting lost on your journey, with quite p...

Ootong and Lincoln is a short bus ride from Fremantle's iconic city centre. There's no getting lost on your journey, with quite possibly the brightest and largest signpost that lets you know you're where you want to be (let's not talk about that ugly actual signpost that decided to obstruct my picture of these awesome zebras..)
My friend and I arrived on a Thursday afternoon, which turned out to be the most ideal time as the cafe was quiet and had a great relaxed atmosphere. I hear it gets very busy on the weekend, we were lucky to both be free at the right time!

The decor is cute and engaging- we were never short of something new to observe or notice. It is a very large space in comparison to most of their niche competitors. There is real walking room and space to breathe! The cafe is crowd friendly, with large, family-sized dining tables as well as smaller two seaters for those who want to grab a coffee and read the paper.
We sat down at a retro styled table after ordering from the front counter. Our drinks came first; my friend decided on a lychee slushy and I went with the elderflower slushy. The price was significant but it matched the intense flavours of both. Both our drinks were unbelievably smooth. The lychee was much more muted while my elderflower packed an intense, flavourful punch. I loved mine, definitely recommend this to any slushy lover!

We were both quite hungry and went with the meal options they had. Ootong has a variety of cafe snacks and small bites, full meals were limited to burgers (I had no problem with this, burgers? yum.) I decided on the lamb burger and my friend had the chicken version. 
Above is a pic of my lamb burger, admittedly there wasn't that much to see in comparison to my friend's burger below, where the contents were on display. I couldn't get a good photo of my burger so I apologise for the horrible attempt to salvage any shots I had in post production.
My burger was quite spicy. With that being said, I'm a complete weakling who cannot tolerate any sort of spicy flavour. I was too easily sucked in with the description of goats cheese and was too dumb to realise what I was ordering was quite aromatic with spice. It was still tasty though, and I was so thankful that I had the elderflower slushy to kill some of the fires going on in my mouth. My friend's burger contained spinach, bacon and avocado- some of my favourite foods. I will definitely go for the chicken option next time. 

I would like to see them expand their lunch and meal menu but overall, I really liked Ootong and Lincoln. The atmosphere of the cafe was lovely and the staff were nice. I was enchanted by the interior and enjoyed feeling like I was sitting in a journey, discovering little trinkets and things that were hung up on the wall and roof. It made for a very pleasant experience.
Would recommend if you could catch them on a quiet arvo.

Ootong and Lincoln
258 South Terrace South Fremantle, WA
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Bonus foodie moment: grabbing some La Paleta- my new love. I first gobbled down their famous salted caramel pop when they visited my campus. I had to grab more while I had the chance. The cream cheese and raspberry was delightful as well!


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