So here's another chapter in our food adventure. I've heard of this place from quite a while back but never bothered to venture ...

So here's another chapter in our food adventure. I've heard of this place from quite a while back but never bothered to venture all the way to Fremantle as it is quite far out from where I live. Amongst this large urban warehouse space lies an open rustic dining area with beautiful natural lighting creating the perfect ambience that incorporates nature into our living environment.

What we ordered:
honey roast pumpkin bruschetta w/ pistachio dukkah, cashew 
sour cream, sumac + spring onion on GF sourdough toast (H) 12;  very tasty. Subtle balanced flavours make it a sleepy hit. Crunchy sourdough complimented the toppings well.
raw pesto pasta pink radish, fresh basil, avocado, sundried 
tomato, capers, baby spinach (R) 23; lovely and unique pasta. Their version of spaghetti made from vege was light and refreshing complimenting the sweltering hot weather. The dish encapsulated all the elements of pasta and it's essential flavour through their food philosophy. Generous serving, would recommend. Loved this. 
raw nachos dehydrated hand-cut corn chips, walnut refried ‘beans’

fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, cashew sour ‘cream’, chives (R) 19;again, a very interesting dish. Serving size was quite small. The dehydrated corn chips were the stand out: thin and crisp yet full of flavour. Quite delicious but would probably try something else next time.
peruvian caramel banana, lucuma, natural caramel, coconut sugar, 
almond milk 9.5; elements within this smoothie were very refined and subtle which I liked. The caramel flavour hits the palette like a surprising aftertaste. Not too sweet for a caramel drink- the banana was a tad overpowering. Very nice but quite pricey for the serving size.

The staff were friendly and the menu has a good variety of sides, mains, beverages and dessert. We were very excited to try the dishes but the extremely long waiting time after we ordered was quite disappointing. We initially ordered the mushroom pizza instead of the nachos. Only after thirty minutes from when we ordered were we informed that the pizza was unavailable. Felt that it would have been more appropriate if they had told us when we ordered and I was confused as to why the staff did not know or bother to check up on something like this for over half an hour. 
Elapsed waiting time was over forty minutes for the two mains and one side, and the smoothie arrived twenty minutes after ordering. I didn't mind as much as my dining company, who were actually quite mad and felt this situation was unacceptable. The staff were sincere and apologetic about both the wait and the unavailable dish, but I became quite disgruntled as well after witnessing several tables that had placed their orders after we did received them within ten to twenty minutes. I think that the service could be greatly improved with more organisation (mixing up the order of your customers from who ordered first for no reason is unacceptable in my opinion). The waiting time had probably affected my judgement and appreciation of the dishes, and I feel that is quite reasonable considering we were waiting for almost an hour for such a small order.

Overall, the dishes were very tasty, unique and the restaurant has a great concept that I am quite interested in. It was too bad that we incurred the service issues and I hope that this was only an unlucky circumstance that is not the norm. I would still recommend it for those who do not mind waiting (for a very long time)- after all- patience is a virtue. With the wait time and the average serving sizes, this is by no means a place to cure a sudden extreme hunger pang. 

The Raw Kitchen
Shop 14 Piazza Arcade/36 South Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160
0458 752 790

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