Typika Artisan Roasters (Claremont)

Typika Artisan Roasters is a large cafe-style establishment located in Claremont. The space is a trendy restaurant that offers breakfast, ...

Typika Artisan Roasters is a large cafe-style establishment located in Claremont. The space is a trendy restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and other cafe treats. The decor and design of the place itself is similar to Raw Kitchen, with rustic and unique ornaments and embellishments and different varied seating areas placed in an upscale environment.
We were greeted at the entrance by the manager and then seated around the middle on the high tables and chairs. it is evident the space has been designed for sharing despite the large seating areas only occupying 2-3 diners in the relatively quite lunch hour that we decided to visit.
Beverages were latte (above), naked ice coffee (not pictured) and I chose the chai iced beverage and it came with a scoop of ice cream. Tasty, delightful vanilla-ry flavour and authentic chai. Really liked it.
what we ordered:
Onion Rings $6.00 Beer battered onion rings, served with aioli. 
Beer Battered Fish & Chips $30.00 Beer battered fish of the day served with beer battered chips and sweet potato wedges and our own delicious tartare sauce.
Petite Steak Sandwiches $25.00 Three mini steak sandwiches on garlic croutes, succulent grilled fillet steak, cream cheese, bacon, asparagus and harissa hollandaise, served with beer battered onion rings and aioli.
We didn't realise the steak sandwiches came with onion rings (our mistake!) but they were delicious and quickly snapped up. We chose dishes that were quite similar in style but they were still very good. My favourite would be the petite steak sandwiches, but I wish the serving size was a little larger.
Despite it's minuscule size, the sandwich is packed with flavour. The steak was cooked perfectly and melted into ones mouth, leaving the crunch of the bacon to contrast with a great mix of fillings. I loved that I could still distinctly taste the garlic croutes amongst all the flavours- wasn't too much at all surprisingly. Would definitely recommend!
The fish and chips were good but not my favourite. The fish was well cooked and enjoyable with the unique  and flavourful tartare. I assumed the spray bottle was a vinegar of some sort but there was no real noticeable flavour as I sprayed it onto my fish to test. Not sure what was going on there. I really liked the chips and would order them as a side on my next visit. 
Upon entry to the restaurant, we were asked for ID- "this is a licensed venue". A few minutes later, once we had sat down, we were asked by a different staff member for ID again. Although they didn't push the matter once we explained that we had done so upon entry, it did leave us feeling a little puzzled, especially due to the fact that none of us were ordering alcohol anyway.
 The restaurant itself was a new experience. Typika does tend to render some polarising opinions from not only my acquaintances but also on sites such as Urbanspoon. I'm fairly sure the staff and management are well aware of the criticisms they face as they seemed weary once they noticed I had brought a dslr camera with me (a very clear indication that I would be publicising my dining experience). 
I was honestly quite uncomfortable taking pictures as I was receiving vibes from the staff. They were not rude vibes, but more so that they were extremely aware of my camera... I don't even know really (I can't explain the feeling properly).
I could see how people dislike the style of service as they do appear to approach different customers in inconsistent ways. I don't feel like the place is particularly welcoming and constrasts greatly with the type of service you would get at places such as The Tuck Shop Cafe. I can't help but think that they would've been so much more accommodating  at Typika had I been decked out in luxury brands. They were not as rude as a lot of negative reviewers make them out to be though. The girl who handled our bill was lovely and very professional. 
I think that their customer service and serving policies need more consistency as it is quite confusing and other diners could feel discouraged to visit. On top of the ID situation, we also had my chai come to the table twice (not sure why) and it ended up being billed twice too despite it being their serving error. Although the issue was resolved quickly, I still find it strange that these experiences occurred in the first place.
 I don't think that the polarising views are due to the food. The portion sizes are good and the food is flavourful and plated in a simple but engaging manner. I personally dislike the approach of splattering everything all over the dish in abstract patterns ala Raw Kitchen, so I was relieved when everything came on a clean board and was neatly placed. The dishes I ordered matched my personal tastes very well.
I liked Typika and would recommend it to people who aren't too fussy and like a fulfilling eat with some great flavours. I do think that it's better than it's rating and I prefer the food over other places I've been to in the ninety percentile. Although nothing is unbelievably outstanding, I quite enjoyed the visit. Give it a chance!

Typika Artisan Roasters
Claremont 331 Stirling Highway Claremont, WA

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